Executive Board

Executive Board, 2022-23

The executive board, whose members and officers are elected by the general membership, is the principal governing body of the society. The board oversees the fulfillment of the purposes of the society in accord with its constitution and bylaws.

The society, a 501(c)(3) organization, operates under a charter of incorporation issued by the State of New York.

Annette Gordon-Reed, president
Philip Deloria, vice president
Andie Tucher, executive secretary

Administrative Secretary
Sharee Nash

Beth Bailey
Kevin Baker
Mia Bay
Kai Bird
Douglas Blackmon
David Blight
Douglas Brinkley
Geraldine Brooks
Margot Canaday
Mark C. Carnes
William Jelani Cobb
Eric Foner
Joanne Freeman
Maria Cristina Garcia
Thavolia Glymph
James Grossman
Christine Heyrman
Elizabeth Hinton
Madeline Hsu
Martha Jones
Peniel Joseph
Kelly Lytle Hernandez
Mae Ngai
Lynn Novick
Dan Okrent
Marni Sandweiss
Hampton Sides
Christina Snyder
T.J. Stiles
Jean Strouse
Geoffrey Ward


Ex-Officio Members: Immediate past presidents
Alice Kessler-Harris
Megan Marshall
Andrew Delbanco