Bruce Catton Prize

The Bruce Catton Prize, 1984-2006, was awarded for lifetime achievement in the writing of history. In cooperation with American Heritage Publishing Company, the society in 1984 initiated the biennial prize that honors an entire body of work. It is named for Bruce Catton, prizewinning historian and first editor of American Heritage magazine. The prize consisted of a certificate and 2,500 dollars.

Past Winners

2006 David Herbert Donald

2004 David Brion Davis

2002 Gerda Lerner

2000 Bernard Bailyn

1998 Richard N. Current

1996 Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

1994 John Hope Franklin

1992 Edmund S. Morgan

1990 Henry Steele Commager

1988 Richard B. Morris

1986 C. Vann Woodward

1984 Dumas Malone